MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has developed and successfully tested a radar that could be used on drones to explore the Arctic region, Maksim Kuzyuk, the CEO of RTI Systems company, which develops these radars, told Sputnik.

    "According to the results of the research work, the experimental prototype of our airborne radar, which is planned to be installed on unmanned aerial vehicles, has demonstrated results that exceed the characteristics of the preceding side-looking airborne radars. It is able to determine the level of cohesion, type and trajectory of ice movement, as well as to explore the meteorological situation," Kuzyuk said.

    The relevance of this device is determined by the fact that today in Russia there are no serially-produced systems capable of conducting operational exploration of ice fields and monitoring the drift of icebergs, the executive noted.

     "For this reason, the effectiveness of search and rescue operations suffers, the geological exploration work is not fully implemented and the safety of navigation on Arctic routes goes down," Kuzyuk said.

    The new Arctic radar is able to assess the thickness of the ice on the route of vessel traffic, provide information support for rescue operations and conduct environmental monitoring of the Arctic shelf, according to the CEO.