Maritime Delimitation in the Arctic: Implications for Fisheries Jurisdiction and Cooperation in the Barents Sea

Dahl, Irene

Associate Professor, K.G. Jebsen-Centre for the Law of the Sea University of Tromsø, Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway.

【Abstract】After 40 years of negotiations, Norway and Russia entered into the Barents Sea Treaty in 2010. The treaty fixes the delimitation line in the Barents Sea. During this period the parties succeeded in developing a body for cooperation on conservation and management of the shared/straddling fish stocks: the joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission. This article examines the effect of the treaty on fisheries jurisdiction and future fisheries cooperation between Norway and Russia. 

【Keyword】 Barents Sea; delimitation; fisheries; law of the sea; Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission